Management of Funds

To develop the idea and to achieve the investors’ noble goals, the company has established a strong team of experienced professionals to analyze and conduct successfully projects in both residential and commercial property markets. During the years, Nordic’s managers have gathered formal knowledge and practical experience in international business, investment and property developing with high quality standards. Our transparent management during the whole investment cycle allows the investor to supervise thoroughly the cash flows generated from the Project’s implementation.

Nordic has high level of competencies in property investment and we are well prepared to give professional services and advice during the entire process. We follow-up our clients by e-mail and telephone to ensure that everything is on schedule and also to take care of all options according to the agreement with the investor.

Management of Projects

Nordic invests equity in Bulgarian real estate on behalf of our clients. We invest in land for development or directly in income-producing assets to deliver a coupon return to investors. The companies managed by Nordic are owners of 15 locations existing of more than 30 plots and about 150 Decares. They are located in the first line beach, in the nature, in villages and main locations.

That way we are implementing risk diversification strategy with high levels of returns. High returns and capital profits are projected and consistently delivered in return for the development risk. For many reasons our current developments are situated over the Black Sea coast, in the areas of Byala and Obzor.

We are confident first in our idea and then come the quality of construction, stylish furniture, flexible options and multiplies choices of opportunity for the investors. When we are buying the plot, most important is the possibility to develop it according to our conception and investors wishes. Then we are away of issues to violate our principles, neither because of neighbours or state administration. Nordic’s projects are created to be one of its kinds for long years.

After identification of a property for further development, Nordic prepares analyses and calculation to be presented to the potential investors. After investor’s approval, Nordic begins to develop the property, starting with the setup of the investor’s business in Bulgaria and continuing step by step turning the idea into real objects.

Financial Management

We offer professional management of capital funds that is optimized to provide the highest level of potential returns based on the investor’s decision and risk objectives. Financial management shows the "reality" of the situation of a business and gives power to perform in the instability of the business environment.

Market analyses and forecasts help decision makers and investors to continue forward during the whole period of their investment. Financial estimates and accounting give clear picture of the situation at any particular moment. The transparent management by Nordic, together with providing all the latest information in a whole to the investors, makes the ones calm and confident in their success.

Technical Management

Every investment decision is based on both fundamental and technical analysis. Nordic provides investment solutions that are suited to meet investors’ specific needs through investment opportunities that offer better returns than the most traditional investment instruments used by the general public.

Technical management service has the goal to provide needed development technical operations at competitive pricing through delivering superior consulting & management services to start up, institutional funds or private owners. Over the years, we have been contributing to establishment of various aspects of operational process, administration, bookkeeping, engineering, architecture, construction and property valuation.

Company Intelligence

The Company Intelligence services include multilevel activities, which cover:

  • Establishment and management of companies
  • Buying of land, plots and projects
  • Financing and financial analyze
  • Negotiation with financial institutions
  • Juridical securing
  • Technical analyses and estimates
  • Planning & Developing
  • Project management
  • Tender management and analyze
  • Construction management

The services can be customized according to clients’ economic and market requirements, and can be taken in conjunction with the choice of the real estate type for development.


Nordic takes full responsibility for the management of its off-plan properties until the end of the construction period. For the very successful realization of any Project, Nordic provides investors with a whole basket of integrated activities including activities in relation to purchase and development of property, market analyses, legal consultancy, architectural work, engineering design and technical planning, project & construction management, development of strategies and coordination of the selling process for the developed Project, administration and bookkeeping of the Project.

The company services are used by business development – both financial funds and teams of high worth individuals. The end result is successful realization of unique projects and high return of the investment with no stress for the investors.

To add value to the Project, Nordic takes care also about marketing and organization of viewing trips. Nordic is one-stop destination to invest and the right partner for any investor, neither we talk about short- or long-term investments.

To complete the business cycle of any Investment Project, Nordic can perform the final needed activities occurring on the properties – Property Management – including taking care of maintenance and letting with high yield.

Execution and completion of construction works

Our goals are to make better return through realization of astonishing real estate ideas.

We are ready to use and implement all natural, mechanical, financial and people resources to guarantee the final success.

New strategy, conception and architectural creation can be seen in all Nordic’s projects.

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